Mental Health Services

Our team of Mental Health Therapists support patients to take actions to enhance their coping, increase problem-solving skills and improve daily functioning.

Assistance with referral to community or regional resources may be provided.

Therapy groups are offered throughout the year for patients who may benefit from a group experience.

Types of Patients Seen

Individuals who are aged 16 or older, who are dealing with various life issues such as:

  • Loss
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Work or relationship issues

Appointment Information

If a patient has counseling service through a work benefit plan, we ask that patients access these resources first.

Six to 8 sessions with the therapist are available for enrolled patients.  The first appointment will often last about an hour and involve a discussion of the current situation and goals for counseling.

A plan of support will be made and if appropriate, a patient may also be referred to other community programs or services that are suited to meet the patient's needs.

To access these services, a referral can be made through your doctor or nurse practitioner.   All appoinments and groups are booked through the Mental Health Intake Counselor at 519-938-8802 ext 330.