Chiropody Services

Within the DAFHT, a registered chiropodist works to prevent and treat a variety of foot disorders that may develop as a long-term complication of Diabetes or other conditions.

The role of the Chiropodist is to maintain and improve patient mobility, to alleviate foot pain, provide health education and thereby improving one’s quality of life. 

During the first visit, each patient will be assessed, a treatment plan put in place and follow-up visits will be booked if necessary.  Patients will recieve education on prevention of disorders and disfunction of the foot.

Types of Patients Seen

Most often, patients that are referred to the Chiropodist are those that have:

 Diabetes with some signs of foot complications
 Potentially high risk foot related concerns such as peripheral arterial disease, rheumatoid arthritis, or gout.

Appointment Information

Please bring:

  • Your footwear that you use every day inside of the house, outside of the house as well as any footwear that you use during exercise.  
  • Any shoe inserts such as over the counter arch supports, cushion inserts or custom made orthotics that you possibly wear during the day.
  • During the appointment, the chiropodist will ask you questions about your general health and your medications.
  • The chiropodist will perform a full comprehensive examination of your feet including skin, nails, nerves, blood vessels, joints, muscles and footwear.