Change for a Healthy You

Tired of diets that don't work? Join the 'Change for a Healthy You' program led by our dietitians and mental health counsellor.

Change for a Healthy You focuses on lifestyle change for health through mindful eating, physical activity and feeling good about yourself.

Patients have the option to participate in a six-week group program or a two-day bootcamp; both are offered throughout the year.  The program designed to promote healthy lifestyle by making good food choices and being physically active. 

Additionally, participants will have the opporunity to attend a grocery store tour with the Registered Dietitian at Zehrs.

Types of Patients Seen

Adults over the age of 18, who have identified the need to make lifestyle changes to their eating and physical activity to improve their health.

Group Information

What you can expect at Change for a Healthy You:

  • Half of the program, with the Dietitians,  includes healthy eating,  menu planning, label reading, and tips for eating out.  Also included is a discussion on how to get started being active and setting lifestyle goals.
  • The other half of the time is with the Dietitian and Mental Health Counselor, in a mindfulness program, Craving Change™, which explores why you eat the way you do and strategies to help change your thinking and eating.