These groups are currently being offered virtually.
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The Diabetes Management Program involves small group discussions for patients living with Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes and is led by the Registered Dietitian, Diabetes Nurse Educator, and Chiropodist. Whether Diabetes is new to you or you are looking for updated information, this workshop gives you the chance to ask questions and interact with others who have Diabetes. The Chiropodist will be introducing the importance of proper foot care for patients with Diabetes. The session ends with a Diabetes team member discussing the importance and benefits of physical activity. You will leave with up-to-date tools, tips, skills, and practical information to help you feel confident about managing your Diabetes.

This class is currently being offered through a self-guided workshop and individual sessions. Click here for the workshop.

Click here for Module 1 — Introduction to Diabetes

Click here for Module 2 — Lifestyle Management with Nutrition

Click here for Module 3 — Lifestyle Management with Exercise

Click here for Module 4 — Medications for Diabetes

Click here for Module 5 — Monitoring and Screening