These groups are currently being offered through a self-guided workshop and one-on-one appointments.
For more information please call (519) 938-8802 ext. 0.

Fruit inside two white heart shaped bowls

The Heart Health Education program is offered to patients needing to make healthy changes including those with high cholesterol, fatty liver and/or high blood pressure.  This 2.5 hour session includes discussion around:

  • Understanding heart disease and how patients can reduce their risks
  • Healthy eating
  • The beneficial effects of physical activity on health

Participants will leave with concrete goals to begin making positive lifestyle change.

The program is lead by a Dietitian and Nurse Educator.

Types of Patients Seen

Patients with high cholesterol or high blood pressure diagnosed by their health care provider.

Appointment Information

The one-time group session provides the basic information needed to start making lifestyle changes.

The patient will return to see the Nurse Educator or Registered Dietitian for an individualized follow up session tailored to the patient.

This group is not currently running but is being offered through one-on-one appointments. Click here for a handy resource.