Lianne Barbour

Executive Director

The Executive Director (ED) is a vital part of DAFHT. Lianne supports over 50 dedicated interdisciplinary providers and admin team members to achieve the vision and mission of the organization. The ED helps the FHT to meet its strategic objectives by improving patient access to care, providing quality services to individuals and families and, promoting shared care and education within the FHT. As Co-Chair for the Hills of Headwaters Collaborative OHT, Lianne is working with community partners, physicians and patients, to ensure that local priorities in care are addressed at a local level.

Angie Cutt

Human Resources
Finance Manager

Angie makes sure we all get paid on time and that we pay our bills on time. Angie is your go-to person about our benefits program, our occupational health and safety program and generally supports the Human Resource needs of the DAFHT.

Ivan Ho

IT Support and EMR Manager

In our fast-changing world, Ivan is responsible for implementing all technology and computing applications. His duties include maintaining computer systems, managing technical issues, developing data reports, and executing new technology upgrades.

Heidi Vanderhorst

Program Manager

As program manager, Heidi plays an integral role within the operations of the DAFHT and in collaboration with the Executive Director, is responsible for the overall implementation, management, and evaluation of the programs and services delivered in the organization.

Our Backbone

Administrative Support Team

We would be lost without these very important members of our team. These ladies – Marcia, Janet, Susan, Lisa, Pam, Emily, Paula and Lisa – are the welcoming faces and voices of our Family Health Team and are there to support the providers and their patients in every way possible. They are a “Jane of All Trades” and truly are the backbone of our team.