How to Build a Salad

The key to making a delicious salad is good quality ingredients. Local vegetables that are in season are best in taste and in quality. Salads do not need to be watery and bland. You can make them exciting and delicious with a mixture of tastes and textures.  


Lettuce – is often the base of a salad so aim to have a mixture of soft leaves, such as butter or bib lettuce & crunchy leaves like romaine, endive

herby – basil, flat leafy parlsey, tarragon, arugula

veg – zucchini, cucumber, carrot ribbons or tomatoes, celery, radish  

cheese – feta, blue, parmesan, soft goat cheese

topping – toasted nuts and seeds,  fruity pomegranates, sliced apples, berries (fresh or dried)

add your favourite dressing

You could make your salad into a meal by adding a protein, such as boiled eggs, chicken, cooked shrimps or beans, lentils and for an even heartier salad adding whole-grains like barley or wild rice.


Thoroughly wash and spin dry the soft and crunchy leaves
Try to buy the whole lettuce head instead of the bagged lettuce, it will save you money and the taste is better
Pick the herby leaves off their stalks, discarding the stalks
Finely slice or peel the veg
shave, tear or crumble up the cheese
Toss everything together in a large bowl

Finish the salad

Pour your dressing over the salad adding just enough to coat not drench your salad ingredients
Using your finger tips toss the salad so all the leaves have a nice thin coat of the dressing
Add the dressing right before you’re ready to serve or else the salad will go limp and soggy instead of crisp and crunchy
And lastly sprinkle over your chosen topping

Making a Salad