After Hours Care

We would like to reinforce how much we value our patients, and wish to provide you access to urgent care within the clinic to the maximum extent possible. Whether you see your own family physician, or another family physician or nurse practitioner here, we believe that this is the best place for you and your family to be treated. Our primary care providers offer after hours care clinics Mon-Fri from 5:00-8:00pm. These appointments are reserved for same day, acute care needs only and are accessed by calling the office below that day.

If your doctor is listed here:

  • Dr. E. Swaminathan
  • Dr. S. Baath
  • Dr. N. Emini
  • Dr. C. Mills
  • Dr. C. Candusso
  • Dr. D. Josephson
  • Dr. K. Sandhu
  • Dr. D. Stenning
  • Dr. K. Derksen
  • Dr. M. Palad

Call (519) 938-8000 the next time you need after-hours care.

If your doctor is listed here:

  • Dr. P. Akula
  • Dr. J. Bailey
  • Dr. E. Clendinning
  • Dr. D. Cormier
  • Dr. A. Davenport
  • Dr. R. French
  • Dr. E. Gucciardi
  • Dr. D. Knox
  • Dr. N. Locas
  • Dr. M. Leddy
  • Dr. D. Mallin
  • Dr. K. Maag
  • Dr. L. Ostrowski
  • Dr. J. Ponke
  • Dr. M. Rodriguez
  • Dr. A. Shehzad
  • Dr. B. Wilson

Call your family physician's office directly to book an appt for after hours care.

If your doctor is listed here:

  • Dr. A. dela Cruz
  • Dr. N. Gill
  • Dr. T. Sumabat
  • Dr. I. Chatta
  • Dr. G. Soor
  • Dr. A. Catania
  • Dr. N. Somasundaram

Call (519) 925-0017 the next time you need after-hours care.

Put the right number in your contact list or address book today under ‘after-hours medical clinic’ to make an appointment and reduce your wait the next time.