The Dufferin Area Family Heath Team values your privacy as both a visitor to our website and as an existing, new or prospective patient.


Website Privacy

Our website sets three cookies, along with a small number of third-party cookies. These are intended to improve the site’s performance, user experience and to collect informtion on visitors through Google Analytics. (For more information: Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites.) If you choose not to accept cookies our website will still function properly and your visit will not be impacted.

We do not retain nor do we share any unique information about visitors to our website with any third-party.

The Dufferin Area Family Health Team (DAFHT) is committed to patient[1] privacy and to protecting the confidentiality of the health information we hold.

The DAFHT is the health information custodians (HICs under the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA). The DAFHT is accountable and liable for compliance with PHIPA and the protection of health records. For the purposes of privacy obligations, the two Family Health Organizations (FHO’s) and associated staff are agents of the DAFHT. This relationship has been established through a “PHIPA Agency Agreement” signed by each FHO and the DAFHT.

In our Privacy Policy, we use the language of “Team Members” to capture the commitment that all physicians, and all Dufferin Area Family Health Team and FHO staff, volunteers, students and vendors abide by the Privacy Policy and to reflect our shared commitment to protecting personal health information.

The Privacy Policy acts as the articulation of the privacy practices and standards to guide all Team Members and any other agents. There are additional privacy policies that are included by reference to this Privacy Policy and are listed at Appendix A. All Team Members agree to abide by those policies as well.

[1] We have used the term “patient” throughout the policy. It is possible that we hold personal health information about individuals who are not the Family Health Team’s patients or who are former patients, and the privacy policy would apply equally to those individuals.

View the complete DAFHT Privacy Policy in PDF format.