Our Team

The members of the the Dufferin Area Family Health Team come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Along with physicians, the team includes a wide variety of health care practitioners.

  • Clinical Pharmacist

    • The role of the Dufferin Area Family Health Team pharmacist is to ensure our patients are getting the right medication, at the right dose, that they are able to take the medication properly, can afford it, and know why they are taking it, while minimizing drug side-effects and interactions, in order to improve quality of life.
      “Knowledge is the best medicine.”  Our pharmacist can help you learn about your chronic conditions and how best to treat them.

  • Registered Dietitians

    • A Registered Dietitian is a regulated healthcare professional who is an expert in food and nutrition and a trusted source of evidence based nutrition. In order to practice they must complete; an undergraduate degree in food and nutrition, internship, pass a national registered exam to become a member of a provincial regulatory college.

      Our Registered Dietitian team will help you support your health and wellness goals through individual and group counseling sessions to prevent and manage disease. They will help you acquire a positive relationship with food and eat in a way that you can support for a lifetime.

      Programs that our dietitians are involved in:

      Chronic disease – pre diabetes, diabetes, cholesterol, osteoporosis

      Digestive health problems- acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), celiac, inflammatory bowel (IBD) and diverticular disease

      Iron deficiency


      Pediatrics – introduction to solid foods, raising a healthy happy eater

      Healthy eating for all ages- pregnancy, vegetarian, seniors, food skills through hands on cooking, mindful eating, group weight management

Board of Directiors

  • Dr Jeff Ponke, President
  • Dr Priya Akula, Board Chair
  • Dr Charles Joyce, Treasurer
  • Dr Brian Wilson
  • Dr Marcella Palad
  • Dr Dave Stenning
  • Dr David Knox


View a complete list of of the physicians who are part of the Dufferin Area Family Health Team.